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Unique selection

Parker Rox is a boutique on-line retail store. We are a family run business specializing in supplying high quality, personally selected, ethically sourced rocks and crystals. Including beautiful unique related objects for the home. Presenting a range of amazing large statement pieces to smaller hand-held items. We offer a totally unique selection of incredible rocks and crystals.

We at Parker Rox have been collecting rocks and crystals for over 20 years and have a real passion for sourcing and supplying you with only the very best pieces. We see crystals and rocks as natures 'work of art'. With our passion for natural art, the aim is to bring real beauty into the home by providing the most incredible pieces showing how rocks and crystals can be a unique feature of your interior design setting. We aim to share our love and passion with others through our website, social media and blogs, showing and inspiring you how to incorporate rocks and crystals into your own home.


Our Suppliers

We work very closely with UK Rock & Crystal suppliers and importers. We do not buy from huge rock suppliers who turn out soul less crystals.

All our suppliers are small business and all have a passion for what they do. By working with smaller businesses we have much more control with what is happening in the supply chain.

Our main suppliers in the UK has a number of small factories that they own dotted around the world where they support the local community in that country. All the employees are very well treated so no one is taken advantage of when bringing the Rocks and crystals to the market. Our way of thinking is that this is the most ethical way to buy crystals.