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Looking after and cleansing your Amethyst Geode Crystals

Looking after and cleansing your Amethyst Geode Crystals
Looking after and cleansing your Amethyst Geode Crystals

The best ways for cleansing your Amethyst Geodes:

To maintain a positive & balanced vibration amethyst needs to be looked after. While it is a durable crystal, exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods may fade its colour; so don't position your crystals in direct sunlight during the summer months for extended periods of time. It is advisable to cleanse amethyst regularly to clear accumulated energies and recharge its properties. The following is a summary of several ways to cleanse amethyst crystals:

• Water Cleansing: Rinse amethyst under running water, like a tap or holding the piece in a stream. Best not to leave the Amethyst for a long period submerged in water because doing this could weaken the structure of the crystals. I regularly hold my polished amethyst points, spheres and tumble stones under a cold running tap as a way to cleanse and change its energy. Its such a quick effective and easy way to cleans smaller polished pieces.

• Sound Cleansing: Using sound to clear away low base energies that might cling to the crystal's energy. Using Tibetan cymbals also known as Tingsha cymbals are ideal for cleansing your Amethyst crystal. I simply love using my Tibetan cymbals to change the energy of my amethyst; its so easy to do and a great way to cleanse larger pieces of geodes and cave without having to move the geode from its position in the room.

• Smudging: A very easy and effective way of cleansing Amethyst is using the smoke from burning Sage or Frankincense sticks. Obviously you have to be careful when burning any items in the home and never leave any Jose sticks unattended. My favourite and cleanest means of cleansing Amethyst crystals is using an electric diffuser which produces water vapour with a percentage of Frankincense or Sage; the crystal can be passed through the vapour from the diffuser. Cleansing with Frankincense water vapour is s brilliant way to cleanse your small and medium geodes and cave. However it does get a little challenging to use this method of cleansing for really large amethyst geode cathedral caves because the vapour from the diffuser by its nature goes upwards. I either pick the geode up and hold them over the top of the vapour (which is not ideal for really heavy pieces) Dont try to pick up geodes that are too heavy because you might hurt yourself. Another way to deal with large geode cathedral caves that are too heavy to lift is to use a fan or use your breath to blow the vapour onto the amethyst.

• Charging in the sun & moonlight: Place amethyst in sunlight for a short duration to recharge its energy. Moonlight, especially during a full moon, is another gentle method for recharging the crystal. I only really advice leaving amethyst crystals out overnight in temperate climates; do not leave geodes in your garden when the weather is freezing in temperature because the water will get into the smallest of spaces and can cause damage to the structure of the geode. Under the correct conditions cleansing your amethyst in the moon light is very powerful and energizing for the crystal. This process of cleansing and charging your amethyst geodes is not ideal if your amethyst geode cathedral cave is really heavy to move but it is great for small and medium size geodes.

• Selenite Cleansing: Use selenite, a self-cleansing crystal, in contact with amethyst to clear its energy. Using Selenite in this way is idea for small pieces of Amethyst but not great for large Amethyst cathedral caves unless you have a really large piece of Selenite to place the amethyst.

• Cleansing crystals by Visualization and Intention: Hold amethyst in your hands, or stand in front of your larger crystal; close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out, now let your mind be clear from any thoughts and using your intention; visualize a stream of pure white light cleansing and revitalizing the crystal. Or visualise a dazzling bright white light at the centre of the crystal structure. With your imagination make this light brighter and enlarge it until it encompasses the whole crystal. You can also visualise the energy of the crystal moving in a clockwise positive charged direction within and around the crystal. The great thing about getting familiar with this technique of cleansing your amethyst geode caves is that its great no matter what the size of the amethyst piece. So it is great to do this with very large pieces which are not easy to move. Dont worry if it seams strange when you first try it; the more you do it the better you will become and the easier it will be for you to do.

I do hope that this has helped inspire you to try new ways of looking after and cleansing your Amethyst Geodes. If you have any questions please contact me at hello@parkerrox.co.uk.

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