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Malachite Crystal Sphere

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Malachite Crystal Sphere,
Polished by hand.
Swirling patterns: Light, mid and dark green colour tones.
Overall Sizes: 75mm Diameter

Attributes: Protection / Transformation / Amplifier / Cleansing / Grounding.
Mohs hardness scale: 3.5-4.

Malachite has historically been known as the stone of transformation, and naturally occurs in swirling shades of green from very dark emerald to brighter greens. It takes its beautiful Green colour from Copper and is often used as a Copper ore. It often appears to have a silky luster with a rippling, patterned surface. Malachite has a varied appearance with a variety of shades and swirls with thick and thin lines, speckles and circles. The value of Malachite will vary according to the size and quality of the piece.
Malachite derives its name from the Latin, Molochitis and also the French word Meloclute and the Greek word Moloclites meaning soft. Malachite is thought to have been mined from deposits near Suez and the Sinai as early as 4000BC. The Ancient Egyptians loved this swirling green stone because of it's eye catching nature and it had hundreds of uses, grinding it down into pigment for eye shadow to incorporating the gem into jewellery. Malachite has been found in mines all over the world, from Russia to Australia, The Congo and even Mexico.
Geology: Malachite is a secondary crystal formed in the Earth's crust or deep underground spaces and cracks when carbonated water interacts with Copper or when Copper interacts with Limestone. The Copper deposits then become oxidised. It most often forms botryoidal fibrous or stalagmite masses.
Due to the softer nature of this stone, it is best kept away from water. Water marks will dull the appearance of polished Malachite.
Don't leave Malachite for too long in direct sunlight or this may lead to the vibrant hue's fading.
Disclaimer: Please read the listed item's description, dimensions, size and weight details carefully. The colours shown in these photos may vary from picture to picture due to environmental factors such as room lighting. The item photographed will be the exact one you will receive. This item is a natural crystal or rock formed over many thousands of years and may have natural inclusions and natural imperfections. Each item is unique, colour is never even. Part of their natural beauty is the fact they are imperfect. Imperfections can include the following, broken rough edges and minor repairs done during the mining, extraction process and pre-sale preparation. Inclusions are within the crystal or rock itself and are totally natural and not imperfections.
Precious and semi-precious gemstones have been used throughout history as an aid to healing. However, crystals, gems and rocks must not be used as an alternative to conventional medicine. They are not to be used as a prescription, diagnosis or treatment. The information supplied is not medical in its origin.

75mm diameter