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Lemurian Quartz Cluster

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Lemurian Quartz naturally formed cluster.
Beautiful points with lovely coding.
A really unique piece for the home.

Lemurian Quartz
Attributes: Amplify / Transmit / Focus / Transform.
Mohs hardness scale: 7.
As is the case with all precious gems such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds, Quartz's value will also vary according to its grade and clarity. Those with unique natural etchings and markings on the surface, are considered to be more valuable, such as triogonic formations and record keepers.
Many people consider Lemurian Quartz to be the ultimate companion for meditation, considered to be one of the 'Master Crystals' and also known as 'Master Teacher'.
Geology: Lemurian Quartz is a found in Brazil and Columbia. Lemurian seed crystal or striated crystal Quartz, also referred to as Lemurian Quartz, is a special variety of clear Quartz which is a silicon dioxide mineral. Lemurian Quartz can be identified in its natural state by the clear striations that give it a raised, linear texture on what would otherwise be a flat surface, giving it an almost stepped appearance.
Quartz or Silicon dioxide (SiO₂) is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth's crust. Quartz crystals grow in silica rich, hydro-thermal environments between 100-450°c under extreme pressure. The Quartz veins form when hot water fills open fissures over many millions of years during the formation of mountains.

Disclaimer: Please read the listed item's description, dimensions, size and weight details carefully. The colours shown in these photos may vary from picture to picture due to environmental factors such as room lighting. The item photographed will be the exact one you will receive. This item is a natural crystal or rock formed over many thousands of years and may have natural inclusions and natural imperfections. Each item is unique, colour is never even. Part of their natural beauty is the fact they are imperfect. Imperfections can include the following, broken rough edges and minor repairs done during the mining, extraction process and pre-sale preparation. Inclusions are within the crystal or rock itself and are totally natural and not imperfections.
Precious and semi-precious gemstones have been used throughout history as an aid to healing. However, crystals, gems and rocks must not be used as an alternative to conventional medicine. They are not to be used as a prescription, diagnosis or treatment. The information supplied is not medical in its origin.

Lemurian Quartz naturally formed cluster.
Approx 50mm h x 130mm w x 85mm d.